V.T. Bonds & Leann Ryans

V.T. Bonds

V.T. Bonds is an avid reader of all things filthy and enticing. They began the slide into the darkness one book at a time.

And now the results are complete.

V.T. Bonds’ imagination has blossomed into darkness so extensive that they cannot withhold it from you any longer. Embark on a thrilling, steamy journey with them.

Let them share their corruption with you, one book at a time.


Leann Ryans

I’m a wife and mother of three who’s been an avid reader since I could pick up a book. It wasn’t unusual for me to read a book a day, ignoring the real world as I was sucked into the pages of a great story.

I grew up on sci-fi and fantasy books before discovering the world of romance. PNR has always been my go-to, and omegaverse is my addiction of choice.

I love writing books featuring heroes who are a bit rough around the edges but aren’t overly cruel. My heroines aren’t always the take charge type, but neither are all women. They are comfortable in their femininity.

If you’re looking for a story that has dark themes without leaving you wanting to punch the hero in the face, mine might just be for you

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