The Sacred Omegas Book One – December Signed Author Copy + Bonus


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In a desperate bid to find relief from a mysterious illness, December steals from the most dangerous crime syndicate in the city. Her botched burglary attempt leaves her at the mercy of the Bratva and its leader Nikolai Petrovski, and after an incident with one of his men lands her in the hospital, the horrible truth is revealed.

Nikolai wants to punish the tiny female who wreaked havoc in his holding pens, but after catching the scent of the girl his enforcer almost strangled to death, instinct prompts him to alter his course. When doctors confirm what was believed to be a sickly beta woman is actually a chemically sterilized omega, a plan to secure himself an heir becomes his first priority.

When December awakes, it is Nikolai himself who breaks the devastating news. The faulty device that the state implanted in her when it deemed her unworthy of breeding has been removed, and she will soon experience her first true heat as an omega. December owed a debt, and she’d pay with her body, or her life.

But what would happen when the alpha Nikolai discovered just how valuable a prize he’d caught? Would he honor the terms of their arrangement once he realized she was one of “The Sacred Omegas”?

➡️ This paperback copy will be personalized and autographed by the author. Additionally, you will receive a limited number print card copy of the artwork done of the mc female, December. It will numbered, personalized, and signed. ⬅️


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