Josie R. Landry

Josie R Landry is an author of queer romance often set in a futuristic urban fantasy setting. With an overwhelming passion for anything cyberpunk, she originally found her love through the writings of William Gibson and Philip K Dick. 

Having always been attracted to the arts; she can often be found writing her latest novel, drawing portraits, or working on the development of a graphic novel. Recognizing the talents she had, Josie was guided and encouraged by several of her teachers; some of whom would take her to writing seminars and conventions in their spare time after school.  She wasn’t limited to literary and visual arts, having also spent time as a dancer in her early years and model in her spare time.

Josie loves observing life; watching all the myriad stories and ideas that unfold around her, only to piece the adventures together.  Sometimes the stories can be triumphant while others are tragic.  One thing they all have in common though, is there is almost always something sexy hidden within the pages.  She often spends her free time on her art designing and bringing her characters to life visually when she is not busy weaving stories from her library whilst in the company of her wife Suzanne and their three cats.

Josie is an outspoken advocate for Feminism and civil rights, as well as a member of the LGBTQIA+.  Struggling with mental health, sexuality, and gender identity have also played a large part of her life and continues to do so. Incorporating many of these elements into her writings, she brings a grittiness to her worlds and characters that is real and palpable. Bringing a wealth of life experiences from tragedy to ecstasy, Josie fills her work with intense passion and raw unabashed emotion.

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