Lady J

Lady J is an author of erotic urban fantasy.  She is a masochistic Domme, with a tendency towards shameless flirting and teasing.  Bringing a wealth of life experiences from tragedy to ecstasy, Lady J fills her work with intense passion and raw unabashed emotion. Lady J often spends her days and evenings weaving stories from her library whilst in the company of her cats.

Lady J has been an avid reader since she was young with a penchant for science fiction and fantasy.  Always attracted to the arts; whether she was writing short stories, drawing portraits, or painting, it was only a matter of time before Lady J pursued her writing full time.  Recognizing the talents she had, Lady J was guided and encouraged by several of her teachers; some of whom would take her to seminars and conventions in their spare time.  She wasn’t limited to literary and visual arts, Lady J spent a time as a dancer in her early years and models in her spare time.

Lady J is an outspoken advocate for Feminism and civil rights, as well as a member of the LGBTQIA+.  Struggling with mental health, sexuality, and gender identity have also played a large part of Lady J’s life and continues to do so. She incorporates many of these elements into her writings bringing a grittiness that is real and palpable.