War Prize

by Ana B. Starr

Book Cover: War Prize
Part of the Queen of the Void series:
  • War Prize

Aine just wanted to belong…

Amidst growing political unrest, half-blood princess Aine has finally found someone who makes her feel beautiful and special. It’s poor luck that he is a rebel prince being held by her father, the king, as a prisoner of war.

Only one group has the ability to rescue him: a band of mercenary Alphas.

They demand a steep price. One night’s use of her body.

Betrayal changes everything. Made the pawn in a clandestine plot, Aine is left with only one choice: Survive.

War Prize is the first book in a new exciting Omegaverse RH series. It features adult themes that may be unsutaible for some readers.

About the Author

Ana grew up in beautiful New England, finding a passion for art and storytelling, but found an even greater delight in the realms of erotic fiction. She is a lover of Omegaverse, fantasy, and sci-fi. Interested in Omegaverse? Have a thing for naughty demons? Want big, bad Alphas with a side of sugary sweetness? You’ve come to the right place! When not writing about the dark, the dirty and the kinky, Ana is likely sketching or stuffing her face with chocolate.

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