The Assasin’s Omega

by Ana B. Starr

Book Cover: The Assasin's Omega
Part of the A SciFi Omegaverse Romance series:


Valentina and Leo are rare. Not only are they twins, but human Omegas as well. When a galactic crime lord collecting a debt discovers them, the siblings find themselves enslaved and forced to work under the watchful eye of their alien master. Their abilities as Omegas are exploited for profit until they find an unlikely rescuer in a strange Alpha, who claims Valentina is his mate.

Cyprias is an assassin tasked with a kill on the space station Ondu. With undisputed skill and a high body count, he expected this assignment to be an easy one. But he finds this hunk of metal in space harbors more than just a job. Hidden away in a seedy club is his Omega, and he will stop at nothing to protect her.


The Assasin's Omega is a Sci-Fi Omegaverse Romance, which may include themes of power exchange, dubcon, violence, alien interactions, and more. If you enjoy these tropes please continue, if you don't, this book may not be for you.

About the Author

Ana grew up in beautiful New England, finding a passion for art and storytelling, but found an even greater delight in the realms of erotic fiction. She is a lover of Omegaverse, fantasy, and sci-fi. Interested in Omegaverse? Have a thing for naughty demons? Want big, bad Alphas with a side of sugary sweetness? You’ve come to the right place! When not writing about the dark, the dirty and the kinky, Ana is likely sketching or stuffing her face with chocolate.

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