Shattered Grace

by Josie R. Landry

Book Cover: Shattered Grace
Part of the The Camille Delacroix Chronicles series:
  • Shattered Grace

Camille Delacroix’s work as an agent provocateur is thrilling and dangerous. It is the perfect diversion from her troubled relationship and a past she’d rather forget. Violence all day, violence all night; she can’t seem to break the cycle.

When she meets Allison, everything changes.

Every good thing she has been missing–consent, love, and the trust it takes to just let go–Allison represents.

But escaping the darkness that plagues her won’t be that easy, and Camille will have to decide just how much she’s willing to risk for a chance at happiness.


Shattered Grace is a FF action adventure romance that follows Camille Delacroix’s journey through danger and peril on her quest for redemption and love. It features content suitable for adults only.

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