Omega Of Sathion

by Ana B. Starr

Book Cover: Omega Of Sathion
Part of the A SciFi Omegaverse Romance series:

Sathion. A new home, where humanity can start over. The planet was gifted to us by a benevolent race of aliens. They intend for us to colonize. I am one of the rare humans who has been chosen to go there.

But en route our transport ship was attacked by pirates, and my friend and I have been kidnapped. These new aliens tell us we are 'Omegas'. They tell us we are meant to pair and breed with 'Alphas' of any race, be they human or alien.

I don't know what it means to be Omega. But what I do know is that I was just given a second chance at life, an opportunity to live it on my own terms. No matter what my captors say, I will find a way to get to Sathion. No one is taking this away from me.

The Omega of Sathion is a Sci-Fi Omegaverse Romance, which may include themes of power exchange, dubcon, noncon, violence, alien interactions, and more. If you enjoy these tropes please continue, if you don't, this book may not be for you.

About the Author

Ana grew up in beautiful New England, finding a passion for art and storytelling, but found an even greater delight in the realms of erotic fiction. She is a lover of Omegaverse, fantasy, and sci-fi. Interested in Omegaverse? Have a thing for naughty demons? Want big, bad Alphas with a side of sugary sweetness? You’ve come to the right place! When not writing about the dark, the dirty and the kinky, Ana is likely sketching or stuffing her face with chocolate.

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