Her True Alpha

by Isoellen

Book Cover: Her True Alpha
Part of the The 12 Sectors series:

Phee was a proper Omega.

She’d done everything society expected of her–Obeyed her parents, married an appropriate choice of Alpha, tolerated his infidelity.

And what was her repayment? To be cast out by her husband in favor of his pregnant mistress.

With their marriage contract canceled and her reputation in tatters, Phee’s future seems hopeless.
Then, the most unexpected suitor appears… Right as her long-abscent heat begins.

Her True Alpha is a novella set in the world of the 12 Sectors, and features a HEA for the characters involved.

About the Author

Isoellen is just your average, aging child-care worker who drinks too much coffee. Her first romance story was written in 1977 at 8 years old after seeing the movie Star Wars. She knew even then that a rogue on the wrong side of the law was a better mate than the boy on the hero’s journey.

The worlds she creates are violent and sensual, but her characters always find beauty in the decay and romance with intimacy. True love and happily ever after’s are guaranteed.

She lives in the Northwest and can be found looking for the piece of paper she wrote her last Facebook password on.

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