Eli’s Hellcat

When you're a prime Alpha in Rathsima Proper, you either work the pens of the intergalactic slave market, or you live in them.

For Elias and Lorin, the situation is more tenuous than most. A relationship between two Alpha males isn't widely accepted.

Eli doesn't care what anyone thinks. He adores Lorin and all his gruffness, but instinct demands more than his partner can give.

When Eli decides to save a defective female Omega from disposal, their devotion to one another will be put to the test.

Lorin isn't interested in the tough little red-headed woman his partner has set his eye on, but he'll do anything to give Eli what he wants, even if saving her means risking everything.

They never expected a woman to be the missing key to their happiness, but now that she's here? Everything has changed.


Eli's Hellcat, formerly part of 'Auctioned: An Omegaverse Anthology', is a unique MMF story about two Alpha males and the female Omega that changes their lives. The introduction has been altered, and a previously unpublished Epilogue has been added to the original story featured in the anthology. Please be advised. This book features MF, MM, and MMF interactions and deals with sensitive topics that may be offensive to some.

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