Darkest Wishes

A Jinn Anthology

by Merel Pierce, Ana B. Starr

The Jinn…

A mysterious creature of legend.

He is renowned for his fabled ability to grant wishes, but beware…

The Jinn is wily and devious, and those wishes come at a cost.

Choose your words wisely and be certain you are ready to pay the price.

He has his eye on you.

And he will twist your every desire to make you his.


Dark Wishes: A Jinn Anthology is a collection of dark romance stories brought to you by the fabulous authors Emma Mountford, V.T. Bonds, Ana B. Starr, Danielle Chapman, Merel Pierce, and Chelsii Klein. It contains adult material not for sensitive readers.

About the Authors

Merel Pierce

Merel Pierce was born and raised in the Midwest, USA. Ever the country girl, her hobbies have evolved to include nature photography, animal care, and exploring the great outdoors.

She is a crafter/art hobbiest, who spends her time writing, working on art projects, and keeping her two rescue dogs; a Schipperke mix and a Jack Russel, out of trouble.

She has always been drawn to the duality of life, learning early on to appreciate both the light and the dark of what the world has to offer. She believes there is beauty and meaning to be found in both the struggles and joys life brings and strives to share that with her writing.

Merel most enjoys writing dark, complex tales with raw, realistic characters. Her stories may not always close with a happy ending, but she will always make you feel something by the time it's done. Whether that feeling is horror or happiness, you'll have to wait and see...

Ana B. Starr

Ana grew up in beautiful New England, finding a passion for art and storytelling, but found an even greater delight in the realms of erotic fiction. She is a lover of Omegaverse, fantasy, and sci-fi. Interested in Omegaverse? Have a thing for naughty demons? Want big, bad Alphas with a side of sugary sweetness? You’ve come to the right place! When not writing about the dark, the dirty and the kinky, Ana is likely sketching or stuffing her face with chocolate.

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