Joint Project Announcement – Sci-Fi Fairytale Fusions

Greetings, all you avid blog readers!

You may or may not have heard of me, but since I’m new to this scene, let me introduce myself. My readers know me by V.T. Bonds. I write dark, erotic, action-packed romances. Most are MF Omegaverse, heavy on the steam.

Why am I here today? Because your lovely leader “requested” I share with you my latest endeavor. And boy, is it proving to be fun!

Leann Ryans and myself are cowriting a series titled Sci-Fi Fairytale Fusions, where we mash together fairytales, science fiction, romance, and (yep, you guessed it) MF Omegaverse. With sexy alpha aliens and headstrong omegas, these stories twist traditional fairytales into heart wrenching thrillers full of suspenseful action, while offering the intense, steamy romance we love within Omegaverse worlds. Nests, purrs, knots and more, we’re beyond excited to share these stories with you.

Reticent Desire Publications (meaning Merel Pierce) has agreed to help Leann Ryans and I get our work to all retailers, so expect these titles soon!

Rescuing Red: A Paranormal Romance retelling of Red Riding Hood (Sci-fi Fairytale Fusions Book 1) *Coming 31 August 2021*

Enchanting Arana: A Paranormal Romance retelling of The Little Mermaid (Sci-fi Fairytale Fusions Book 2) *Coming 28 September 2021*

Crushing Cinza: A Paranormal Romance retelling of Cinderella (Sci-fi Fairytale Fusions Book 3) *Coming 26 October 2021*


Enslaving Ezmira: A Paranormal Romance retelling of The Hunchback of Notre Dam (Sci-fi Fairytale Fusions 4) *Coming 22 February 2022* [to be published in Chosen by the Alien: a SciFi Alien Romance Boxset from 2 November 2021 to 2 February 2022]


Want a tease? Here’s a peek at Blaide, Liz’s alpha in Rescuing Red:

“Put her down.”

Six heads turned to look at him, their surprise morphing to disbelief when they realized he was alone and not a guard.

Blaide eyed each of his opponents, their cocky assurance written across their faces as they turned to creep closer. The alley was narrow, which would work to his advantage. They couldn’t rush him together without getting in each other’s way.

The closest two took a few more steps, puffing their chests like they’d intimidate him into leaving, but the alpha who’d first approached the omega slipped around them. Brow raised, body relaxed, the man acted as if he hadn’t a care in the world.

“She’s an omega. There’s enough of her to go around. Why don’t we work out a deal? One more won’t make a difference.”

A red haze tried to overtake Blaide’s vision, but he pushed it away.

Calm. Detached.

He needed his head clear to save his little Red without her being hurt. It was alphas like these scumbags who gave the rest of them such a terrible reputation. They had no honor. He’d enjoy dishing out their pain and humiliation.

“You don’t deserve a sniff of her, and I’m not in the mood to give second chances.”


In the meantime, we’re having fun torturing, I mean… treating our Facebook groups and newsletters to cover reveals, sneak peeks, and knotty fun, so if those interest you, I highly recommend you join us!

Leann Ryans

V.T. Bonds

Thanks so much for being such awesome readers, and thanks to Merel Pierce for inviting me. It was a pleasure. Now it’s time for me to return to my writing cave (massive alien alphas can be quite… impatient). Until next time, happy reading!

Dragging you deeper with every word,

V.T. Bonds

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